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Training Modules Overview


Incrementally from June 2018 until June 2019, the CDAPP Sweet Success Resource and Training Center will post 8 Training Modules on the fundamentals of diabetes during pregnancy to this website.  Each Training Module will correlate to the CDAPP Sweet Success Guidelines for Care and include: 1. a short pre-test, 2. a video and 3. a short post-test. Upon completion of all 3 components, attendees are eligible to receive continuing education units (CEU).


After all 3 components (pre-test, video, post-test) have been completed, a CEU certificate will be emailed to each attendee within 3 weeks. Affiliates will not have to pay for continuing education. However, Non-Affiliates will be charged $15 per contact hour. Upon completion of the post-test, Non-Affiliates will need to click the "Buy Now" button and either pay for their contact hour(s) via PayPal or with any major credit/debit card. All CDAPP Sweet Success Training Modules are free to watch and learn from. Non-Affiliates will only be charged if they desire a CEU certificate.


As a reminder participation in CDAPP Sweet Success Training Modules is a requirement to keep up to date with current diabetes care practices and information, annually. 
- All new staff at existing Affiliates or staff of new Affiliates, who provide patient care, will participate in a minimum of 8 CDAPP Sweet Success trainings in the first year. 
- Existing Affiliate staff, who provide patient care, will participate in a minimum of 4 CDAPP Sweet Success trainings.
These trainings can either be the new Training Modules mentioned here or recorded/archived webinars from years past. 



Training Module 1: Medical Nutrition Therapy for Pregnancy with Diabetes


Training Module 2 - Diabetes & Pregnancy: Value of Psychosocial Health

Training Module 3 - Exercise and Breastfeeding

Training Module 4 - Management of Pre-existing Diabetes and Pregnancy

Training Module 5 - Diagnosis & Initial Management of Gestational Diabetes

Training Module 6 - Treatment of Gestational Diabetes

Training Module 7 - Postpartum Care & Testing Following Gestational Diabetes

How to Contact Us

CDAPP Sweet Sucess Resource & Training Center
22875 Savi Ranch Parkway Suite I

Yorba Linda, CA 92887

O: 714-921-9755

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Funding is provided by Federal Title V Block Grant Funds through the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), Center for Family Health (CFH), Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health (MCAH) Division.