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CDAPP Sweet Success Guidelines for Care

The “CDAPP Sweet Success Guidelines for Care” are patient management references for multidiscipline providers.  While the Guidelines strive to be evidence based, scientifically supported, and contain up to date standards of care, they should be considered a resource, not the standard of care in California.  Readers are advised to adapt the guidelines and resources based on their local facility’s level of care and patient populations served and are also advised to not rely solely on the guidelines presented here. The 2015 update has minimal content changes as it was a resource review and reference update.

2015 CDAPP Sweet Success Guidelines for Care - All chapters are in a single PDF document (268 pages total)

2015 CDAPP Sweet Success Guidelines for Care - See below for individual PDF documents 
Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Overview
Chapter 2: Preconception and Interconception Care for Preexisting Diabetes
Chapter 3: Medical Management and Education for Preexisting Diabetes During Pregnancy
Chapter 4: Medical Management and Education for Gestational Diabetes Mellitus
Chapter 5: Impact of Maternal Diabetes on Fetal Development and Neonatal Care
Chapter 6: Exercise
Chapter 7: Medical Nutrition Therapy
Chapter 8: Breastfeeding
Chapter 9: Behavioral and Psychosocial Components of Care
Chapter 10: Cultural Competency

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