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The following material may be downloaded.  However, this material is copyrighted and should not be modified in any manner.  Unless otherwise specified, all documents in this section are PDFs.

2015 CDAPP Sweet Success Guidelines for Care

Pocket Guide for Professionals - 2013
      Pocket Guide for Professionals

Guidelines for Diagnosis of Hyperglycemia in Pregnancy-2011
      Guidelines for Diagnosis of Hyperglycemia in Pregnancy

Record Book and Diary
This 50 page booklet covers topics such as hyperglycemia, hypoglycemia, kick counts, preeclampsia, exercise and diet tips. This resource also provides helpful charts and fill-in record sheets for a detailed, daily food plan, proper weight gain recordings, testing urine for ketones, glucose test results, and past doctor visits.
Before clicking the "print" button, under the "Page Sizing and Handling" header, change the custom scale to 125% rather than 100% for best layout. Also, click the setting to print "front to back" (double sided). After printing, fold in half for booklet effect.
Record Book and Diary - English
Record Book and Dairy - Spanish